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I have been put onto a stock Cameco a mining company. How do you forsee future and is buying these stocks risky and purely speculative.....i have not played market before and  curious to enter the market

Curtis, your subject is gold mining stocks, but Cameco is a uranium miner. A very different market that is moves very differently than gold.

Resource stocks, like any commodity stock, is risky. The smaller the company, the more speculative. Those companies that are not producers are always highly speculative.

Since you have not been in the market before, I would strongly suggest you first learn more about the markets before you jump in. Resource investing is highly specialized, and due to that and the speculative nature, it is really not a market for first timers. A good book to begin with to learn about markets for beginners is The Wall Street Journal Guide to Understanding Money and Investing. It is not expensive, and available in most every bookstore and library.  

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