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I have a list of stocks in which i purchase in the 80's.  I need to know if any of the below are worth anything or if you have even heard of these companies.  Please advise

Oneida Energy & resourses Corporation
Dixie Oil & Gas Corporation
Telescan Electronics & Communications inc

Thanking you in advance for your help

From the information I have available:

Oneida has no current value. The Company went through numerous name changes and capital consolidations. It eventually became United Pacific Capital Resources, which was cease-traded in 2001. Those orders also remain in effect.

Dixie has no value. It merged with Oneida and has the same result.

Telescan has some name changes and at least one reverse split (1 for 5) and became Telescan Industries, which was cease-traded in 1989. That cease-trade order remains in effect. No current value.

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