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My grandmother transferred some stock from Arabee in 1955 to me.
I have a numbered certificate for the shares and countersigned by Prudential Trust Co. Ltd. of Vancouver B.C., Canada.  It appears the company was incorporated in British Columbia.  The International Bond & Share Corporation Ltd. of 569 Howe Street, Vancouver 1, B.C. sent the share certificate to me.I would be interesed in finding out what happened to this company.  Thank You

Fred, from the information I have available, the Company had numerous name changes and multiple reverse splits. It had a 1 for 5, then a 1 for 2, then another 1 for 5 and became Hairston. The Company then had a huge 1 for 500 reverse split and became Midland Holland, which later had several additional name changes and at least 1 more reverse split (1 for 5). Based on those reverses, you would have needed 125,000 shares of Arabee to equal just 1 share of Grand Peak Capital, which deregistered with the SEC in the US in 2009. That is a very bad sign for any value.

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