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By chance I found your name on the web.  Susan sent you a question in 2012 about this stock.  I have a certificate dated 1961 in my fathers name.  He passed away in 1970 and my mother in 1986.  What I wanted to know since he bought this did they split, were dividends paid, etc., or is still the original 100 shares?  Thank you so much for reading this and if you can help me, I'd be in heaven.........Marilyn

Marilyn, I do not have that information for Canada Southern going back that far. Usually you would contact the transfer agent for that information, but since the Company was acquired for cash in 2006, it is long gone. The cash consideration for the exact number of shares your father had would have been paid in 2006. Based on the cash paid, you should be able to extrapolate how many net splits were completed.  

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