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Hello Steven:

Have two old stock certificates:
1. Vista Explorations LTD (Sterling Trusts Corporation, Toronto); 100 shares.
2. Rival Technologies INC. (Montreal Trust Company of Canada, Vancouver); 17 shares.

Are they worth anything?
Can they be redeemed?
If worth anything, how can they be redeemed?


Blair, from the information I have available:

Vista had numerous name changes and at least 2 reverse stock splits (1 for 2 and 1 for 4) and is now Unique Broadband Systems, which trades for about 1 cent per share. You can confirm this information with the current transfer agent (

Rival Technologies has left Canada and was registered with the SEC until last year when they voluntarily deregistered. Always a very bad sign. The stock currently trades for about 2 cents per share.

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