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Canadian Stocks/Old stock certificates: Massberyl Lithium Company Ltd; Oka-Bathurst Mining Corporation Limited


My oldest aunt passed away and my sister is the executor. She found a number of old certificates: Valor Lithium Mines Limited (which is defunct as I understand from one of your previous responses to someone else), Massberyl Lithium Company Ltd and Oka-Bathurst Mining Corporation Limited (now Corporation minière Oka-Bathurst Limitée since 1998, I believe). It seems that Massberyl merged in 1959 into Massval Mines Ltd (which went bankrupt if I understand correctly). Thus, my two questions: (1)are the above findings correct;
(2) is there any value to the stock of Oka-Bathurst?

Jean-Pierre, from the information I have available, Valor and Massberyl both became Massval which had several other name changes and eventually did go bankrupt. No value.

Oka-Bathurst had its charter revoked in the late 1970's and was dissolved. No current value.  

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