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QUESTION: Hi steven,,I found some old stock certificates:
700 sh LAWRENCE MINING CORPORATION, no cusip listed,issued 01/11/1984,cert#03255
1000 sh GOLDRICH RESOURCES INC, cusip 381432 10 3,issued 11/16/1984 cert#08770
500 sh CELEBRITY ENERGY CORP ,no cusip listed,issued 08/09/1983 certif# 0667
500 sh CELEBRITY ENERGY CORP ,no cusip listed,issued 06/01/1984 certif#3170

I hope you can help me, cant find any info in Google
Thanx Paul in Maryland

ANSWER: Paul, from the information I have available:

Lawrence has no value. The Company was dissolved in the mid-1990's.

Goldrich was cease-traded in 1989. That cease-trade order remains in effect.

Celebrity had a 1 for 4 reverse split and became Polar Bear Development, which was struck and dissolved in the late 1990's.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Steven Can i ask you please about 2 more stocks that I bought years ago:
GREAT AMERICAN COAL,INC old transfer agent was Marquette National Bank
of Minneapolis  Cusip 389831-10-8  certificate dated 02/10/1982 number
on cert 1491
DIVERSIFIED TECH  purchased 04/11/1984.  I DO NOT have certificate
but I have a receipt from Canada Trust, Stock transfer Dept 1055 Dunsmuir St, P.O.Box 49390,Vancouver BC V7X1P3 that name was changed to
Do you have any info on the above two stocks

Paul, I have no information on Great American Coal, but since it has a US transfer agent, it does not seem to be a Canadian Company. I only have information on Canadian companies, so I suggest you contact a broker to help you track that one down.

Diversified did become Discrete Time, which later had a 1 for 25 reverse split and became ADI Technologies. ADI ran into serious financial difficulty and was suspended, delisted and cease traded before folding. No current value.  

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