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Hi Steven,

I found these old stock certificates in my Father-in-laws papers. Can you shed some light on whether they are worth anything. Thanks, Kaiser.

1) De Veers Consolidated Mineing Corp., S.A. (incorporated under the general corporation law of the Republic of Panama). Issued April 29, 1968 for 3000 shares. (Kaiser's note: Name is not a typo, it is De Veers)

2) Pan American Resources, Inc., Issued August 1968 for 200 shares

3) TEMEX Mines Limited, incorporated under the corporations Act, 1953 (Ontario). Issued Oct 1957 for 600 shares

4) COPPERCLOUD Prospecting Syndicate, filed under the securities act of Ontario. Two certificates for $13 shares issued in Sept/Oct 1957

5) SNG & OIL Energy Company, Issued Jan 1980 for 200 shares

6) SIBONEY Corporation, 2000 shares issued Jan 1982

7) MULTI-VENTURES, Inc. 100 shares issued Nov 1984

Thanks, any help or pointers will be appreciated.


Kaiser, from the information I have available:

I have no information on De Veers, as it is a Panamanian company. I only have information on Canadian incorporated companies.

Pan American had several name changes and at least 1 reverse split (1 for 30) and is now HudBay Minerals, which trades for about $10 a share. You will need to contact the current transfer agent,

Temex has no value. The Company was dissolved in the mid-1960's.

I have no information on Coppercloud, as it was not a publicly traded company but instead was a syndicate. Syndicates were formed under special laws and were usually sold to a very small number of friends and family privately to raise money to explore a specific area or property. Once the money ran out, the syndicate usually sold any property of value to a public company for stock which was distributed to syndicate members.

I see SNG was sued by the SEC for fraud in 1980. Not a good sign. That is the only information I can find on the Company, but chances are it was a fraudulent enterprise and once they were caught they just disappeared.

Siboney Corporation appears to have been a US Corporation. It was revoked by the SEC in 2013, which means it is worthless.

I have no information on Multi-Ventures Inc.

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