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I came across some old stock certificates my father-in-law had and wonder if there worth anything?
Sullivan mining group ltd., Hastings mining, Kenwest mines and Abino gold mines limited
If they do have value, who do I contact to get more info?
Thanks, Ron

Ron, from the information I have available:

Sullivan Mining became Sullivan Mines, which was acquired by Cambior in 1987 for $7.50 cash per share. Registered shareholders should have received a check at that time.

Hastings and Sullivan are the same - Hastings was acquired by Sullivan in 1968 and Hastings shareholders received Sullivan shares in return.

I have no information on what happened to Kenwest Mines.

Abino had a larger merger and became Goldquest Explorations (1 new for 12.94 old). Goldquest later merged into Goldcorp. I suggest you contact Goldcorp's transfer agent and see if they list your father-in-law as a shareholder -

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