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I have some shares of Firesand Resources Ltd.(1,000) dated Oct 1989, and Landmark Corporation (5,000)dated March 1993. I also had Gateford Resources (5,000) dated Mar 1990.  Are any of these redeemable or how do I go about chasing them down?


Giorgio, from the information I have available:

Firesand has no current value. The Company had two reverse splits (1 for 4.49 and 1 for 25) and became Talisman Enterprises, which went bankrupt before being revoked.

Landmark had a 1 for 10 reverse split and became Landmark Global Financial, which was delisted several years ago, but may still be around. They have not filed anything since mid-2013, but the last transfer agent listed was TMX Equity ( I suggest you contact them about the old certificate.

Gateford and Landmark are the same company. Gateford changed its name to Landmark, so the transfer agent likely just sent you the new certificate without requiring the submission of the old Gateford cert.

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