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I am currently involved in finalizing a relative's estate taxes.  I need price information for two companies originally listed on the Vancouver Stock Exchange for the years 1979 and 1980.  The first is Canuc Resources Corporation which is still trading on TSX and the second is Cosmos Resources Inc. which ceased trading in 1990 I believe.  Could you possibly tell me where I can find this information and how the stocks were listed on the VSE--perhaps newspaper archives?

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Finding price information that old can be difficult. Old newspapers are a very good resource, but keep in mind that if there have been any stock splits, stock dividends or reverse stock splits subsequent to the date acquired, the cost basis for the purchase will have to be adjusted accordingly. You will have to research those as well.

You can also contact the TMX directly (, as they are the successor owner of the former Canadian Exchanges, including the Vancouver Stock Exchange where both of those companies were traded at that time. They do have a research department that can help you with this information, but they do charge for the service. I would suggest you try the old newspaper route first. The Vancouver Sun or the Financial Post would be the two most likely papers to try.

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