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My Mother recently showed me some stocks that my father bought back in 1988 from a company called E.A Manning Inc. She wanted to know if there was any value in them or what to do with them. I have no idea on stocks and also, my no idea where to go for help. I was looking on line and found you.
The stocks say the companies are: "Golden Eagle Res. Inc"
         " Ekersval Resources Ltd"
         "Points North Digital Technologies

Is there anyway you can tell me if these are worth anything or what do do?

Thanks So Much

Holly, E.A. Manning was finally put out of business by the government for defrauding customers. Many of the stocks they sold were rigged. The prices were grossly inflated, and once they were finished selling their inventory to their own customers, the prices crashed and most ended up worthless.

Golden Eagle and Points North are the same company. Golden Eagle went through a couple of name changes and became Points North. Unfortunately, the stock has no current value. Points North became Peragis, which was delisted and cease-traded in 2001.

Ekersval had a 1 for 3 reverse split and became Maxill. Maxill was taken private in May 2011 for 8 cents per share cash. The registered shareholder should have received a check for their shares at that time. If not, the money would have been turned over to the government for safekeeping. You need to check the missing property offices of every State or Province in which your father lived from the time of the original purchase until the buyout in 2011. You can search many of them online for free at and Search using your father's name exactly as it appears on the certificate.

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