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I have found some old stock certificates that belonged to my grandfather that has passed away and was wondering if you could please help me find out if they have any value.

Commonwealth Acceptance Corporation Ltd. dated DEC 15 1966  10000 participating shares series A
($1.00 par value) incorporated in the province of British Columbia

Mount Grant Mines LTD.dated mar 25 1970 incorporated under the laws of the province of Alberta. head office Edmonton Alberta. This certificate is in the name of Doherty Roadhouse and McCuaig and endorsed stamped on the back by this company and is for  500 shares

Western Copper Holdings Limited incorporated in the province of British Columbia dated Jan 07 1985 for 2 shares

Commonwealth Savings Plan LTD. incorporated in the province of British Columbia dated Jan 25 1961 for 500 common shares

if you can please help me find out about these certificates I would really appreciate it thank you in advance

George, from the information I have available:

Commonwealth  Acceptance has no value. The Company went bankrupt in the late 1960's.

Mount Grant has no value. The Company was dissolved in the late 1970's.

Western Copper became Western Silver which was acquired by Glamis Gold in 2006 for 0.688 of a Glamis share for each share of Western. Western shareholders also received 1 share of the new exploration company Western Copper, which is now Western Copper & Gold and trades for about $1.00 per share. Glamis was acquired by Goldcorp on the basis of 1.69 Goldcorp shares plus 1 cent for each share of Glamis. You only had 2 shares, but it is still worth checking with the transfer agents to see if your Grandfather is listed as an owner. For the current Western Copper, that is Computershare ( and for Goldcorpo CST Trust (

I have no information on Commonwealth Savings. I suggest you try contacting British Columbia as the Province of Incorporation and see what information they have available, or contact a broker and ask them to perform a detailed search for you.  

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