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QUESTION: I went through some paperwork of my fathers (he has passed away) And I found several certificates for companies in Canada and the US. Some are nolonger listed as companies. How do I go about looking for them to see if he still had shares with these companies? Do I listed them and you look them up? ??

ANSWER: Mary, if you have a small number of certificates, I can certainly do what I can to search for you. However, I only have information on Canadian companies. My US information is very limited. I suggest you consider contacting a broker to assist you, as they should be able to search both US and Canada, and if they do find something of value, they can also help you complete the paperwork to transfer the shares from your father to the beneficiaries of the estate.

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QUESTION: how do I go about finding a broker? what do I look under?

Mary, if you have an existing relationship with a broker or brokerage firm, I would contact them first. Also, if you have the information on your father's broker, you can try to contact them as well. Otherwise, finding a local broker through a personal reference or even the phone book may work as well.

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