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Have Found 200 shares of "Dallas Oil Company, Limited' In my Grandfathers personals papers. He lived in Calgary in the 20's and was wondering if the company still existed or went under, Thanks for any help you can provide,  Scott

Scott, from the information I have available, the Company has a very long and detailed history. They had two large reverse splits (1 for 3 and 1 for 42) and became Anglo Canadian Oil, which was later acquired by British American Oil on the basis of 3 new for 1 old. The Company later had several name changes and in 1987 became Gulf Canada and split into 3 separate companies. Shareholders received 0.666 of a Gulf Canada share, 0.29 of an Abitibi Price share and 0.2 of a GW Utilities share. Gulf was acquired in 2001 by Conoco for $12.40 cash per share. Abitibi Price became Abitibi Consolidated, then AbitibiBowater, which is now Resolute Forest Products, which trades for about $20 a share on the NYSE. GW went private and shareholders received 0.4112 of a Home Oil share for each share of GW. Home Oil was acquired by Anderson Exploration, which was acquired by Devon in 2001 for $40 a share cash.

Because of the complicated acquisition history, I suggest you contact a broker to help you determine if the original Dallas shares have any valid and, if so, where the shares and cash involved are located.

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