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My dad had some olds stocks just wondering if they are worth anything.
Alminster oils limited
Bibis yokon mines limited
Deer horn mines limited
Ponderay exploration company inc
Cardigan development company

Bernadette, from the information I have available:

Alminster had a reverse split and name change before being struck from the Corporate Register and dissolved in the early 1960's. No current value.

Bibis Yukon had two reverse splits (1 for 5 and 1 for 4) before being acquired by Startech Energy on the basis of 24 cents cash plus 0.0362 of a Startech share for each old share. Startech was later acquired by ARC Energy Trust (0.96 of an ARC share for each Startech share). ARC is now ARC Resources, which trades for about $32 a share. You will need to contact the current transfer agent, Computershare ( to see if your Dad is listed as a shareholder.

Deer Horn had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the mid-1970's. No current value.

Ponderay had a reverse split and name change before being dissolved in the mid-1990's. No current value.

Cardigan had a reverse split (1 for 10) and became United Cardigan, which was cease-traded in 1984. As that order remains in effect, the shares have no current value.

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