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I have hit a dead end in tracking down assets held by Oregon Natural Gas Reserves Ltd. ("ONGRL") Could you instruct as to where ONGRLs assets were directed upon bankruptcy?

Thank you!

Daniel, I have no further information on the Oregon Natural bankruptcy in 1961. Considering the time that has passed since the bankruptcy, you will likely have a difficult time obtaining the records from the court regarding the process. But, if you are trying to find the ownership and any transfers of a specific property, that information is likely easier to find through the government records. Recently, much of that information has migrated online - many governments have updated their websites in the last 5 years to make it easier to find that information. If it isn't online, the government should still have that information available. There are also professional researchers who specialize in obtaining this information in most oil and gas jurisdictions. Many of the government regulators maintain lists by request of such researchers.  

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