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Hi There! I found this through my searches and am hoping you are able to help me.

I have shares of a company CUSIP 459917 10 0 International Potter Distilling Corp.

I have done research, and want to know if they are worth anything?

Additionally, I have shares of "granville island brewing company. This is currently owned by Molson Coors Canada. This is dated March 1986. Who do I talk with? What do I do?

any help would be really appreciated.


Thomas, from the information I have available:

International Potter became Cascadia Brands, which redeemed all outstanding common shares for $8 cash per share in 1998. The registered shareholder should have received a check at that time.

Granville Island and International Potter are the same - International Potter acquired Granville Island in 1989. If you are the registered holder, they likely sent you the new International Potter shares and cancelled your Granville Island shares without the requirement for holders to return the physical certificates.

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