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Trying to find info on Louisiana Mining Corporation. It was incorporated in the province of British Columbia. The date on the cert is 8/19/1988. I think the symbol was LIMNF. National Trust Co. (Vancouver and Calgary) was the transfer agent and registrar.
Can you tell me the value as of 8/19/1988 and today.

Thank you.

Ellis, from the information I have available, the shares have no value. Louisiana had what is known as a desert-dirt stock promotion. They had a property in the Nevada desert where no gold is known to occur and yet companies, including their partners, claimed "special" and secret gold assays returned rich assays. Most of these companies were shut down by the regulators in the late 1980's and early 1990's, and Louisiana was one of them. They were cease-traded in 1990, and those cease-trade orders remain in effect.

The close on the Alberta Stock Exchange on August 19, 1988 was $0.95 Canadian. I did some additional research and I show the average exchange rate on that date was $1.05 Canadian dollars for each $1 US dollar.

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