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My Mum found some stock certificates among my father's old papers. One is for Mallard Lake Gold Mines, Limited (issued June 1939), with a note attached to it stating that "Charter cancelled November 1960".  The other is for Payore Gold Mines Limited. I am wondering if any of these shares have any value anymore.  Thanks.

Beth, from the information I have available:

I have no information on Mallard Lake, but if there is a note stating the charter was cancelled, it is almost certainly correct and the stock is worthless.

Payore had numerous name changes and reverse splits and became Sobiga Mines Limited. I have no information on Sobiga, but due to the reverse splits, it would require 450 shares of Payore to equal 1 share of Sobiga. I suggest you contact a broker and ask them to perform a detailed search for Sobiga for you.

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