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Hi Steven, I read a prior post you responded to on Canadian stocks and had a question on a company I could not locate much information on.  The company is DuMaurier Mines Limited. It was a stock that was added to the SEC's Canadian restricted list in 1959.  I had a grandfather who recently passed away and we discovered 500 shares of $1 Par value stock but given I couldn't find any additional information I'm thinking it's likely not worth anything, but just wanted to see if you have any insights.

Brad, you are correct. Canadian companies that were added to the Canadian Restricted List were highly questionable, as serious companies register with the SEC before soliciting investors and selling stock to US citizens. I have yet to see any Canadian Company that was on the SEC Restricted List ever succeed, and DuMaurier Mines is included in that group. It was dissolved and there was no value for common shareholders.

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