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Standard Silver-Lead Mining Co., 1000 shares, bought 10/25/54
CAN-CON Enterprises and Explorations Limited, 33 shares, bought 02/25/71
Jesko Uranium Mines Limited, 200 shares, bought 07/27/55
Continental Consolidated Mines and Oils Corporation Limited, 20 shares, bought 12/03/57

Are they of any value?

Beth, from the information I have available:

I have no information on Standard Silver-Lead Mining, but it seems it is not a Canadian Corporation, but a Washington Corporation. Therefore, I have no information on a non-Canadian Company. But, based on the number of its certificates for sale on the internet, there is unlikely to be any value except some nominal value to collectors.

Can-Con has no current value. The Company had numerous name changes and reverse splits and became Visa Gold, which was suspended, delisted and cease-traded in 2003. Those cease-trade orders remain in effect.

Jesko has no current value. The Company had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the early 1970's.

Continental has no current value. The Company lost its charter and was struck and dissolved in the early 1960's.

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