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I recently retired and was looking over some old stocks I had acquired over the years. One stock was GolfNorth Properties that has since gone private at 30 cents per share. Do you know how I can get a check for these stocks (who to contact, etc.)? I still have the  stock certificates. I was never notified that the stock went private and never got a check. Thank you.

Romeo, when a transfer agent/registrar loses track of a shareholder and are unable to deliver payments, they are required to turn such payments over to the government for safekeeping. The money should be with the last State or Province of your last address known to the agent. Therefore, you have to search the missing property offices of every State or Province in which you lived from the time you acquired the certificate until the date of the going private transaction. You can search many of them online for free at and Search using your name exactly as it appears on the certificate, even if it is misspelled or abbreviated.  

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