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Hi,  I bought 300 shares of Cadington Resources Ltd. back in 1988.  I don't know much about stocks but would like to know what I have and where to look.  I would really appreciate your help in this.  The number is 01266

Douglas, from the information I have available, Cadington went through numerous name changes and two reverse splits (1 for 6, then 1 for 10) and became Iberian Minerals. Iberian was acquired in January 2013 for $1.10 per share cash. Based on your original certificate, your original 300 shares would be just 5 shares at the time of the takeover. You should have received a check for your shares at that time. If you did not, the money should have been turned over to the government for safekeeping, but I am not sure $5.50 is worth going through the process to claim. But, you can search many of the States and Provinces online for free at and  

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