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Hi Steven... right off the top, thanks for providing this service.  It is really appreciated.  I was given a stock certificate many years ago by my grandmother.  It is from "The Canadian-American Gold Mining and Development Co.".  It is issued to J.M. Robinson for 175 shares, by J.M. Robinson, who also happens to be the president of the company.  I did some research and found these two sites...

The first one, under the Peachland header, shows that John Moore Robinson owned this company.  The other is just a bit of history on him.

The certificate itself is beautiful.  Who knows, the value of that may in the art work itself.  I've attached an image to show you.

Whatever you can tell me about this would be appreciated.  Thanks so much.


James, if I read the certificate correctly, it is dated 1898. That is extraordinarily old, and predates the information I have available. It is also highly unlikely to have any value in the Company, but you can try British Columbia as the Province of Incorporation and see what information they have available. It is so old that a broker is unlikely to have any information, either, so the Province is your best approach.

The certificate is quite nice, and the certificate may have value to collectors as art. It will likely be nominal value, but some value nonetheless. JM Robinson is also a well-known name in the Okanagan, so the certificate may also appeal to other types of collectors. You can search online for both certificate collectors and other memorabilia collectors that may be interested in acquiring the certificate. Regardless of its monetary value, it is a fantastic historical piece. Thanks for sharing the photo.

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