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Have receipt (but no certificate) indicating purchase of 500 shares in Forbes Lake in friend's name issued May 3, 1956 by an investment company that is no longer around.  I can find no mention of this company when I google it.

Do you know what happened to this company? or if an interest it would have any value?

Debbie, from the information I have available, the Company has gone through numerous name changes and capital changes. It had a 1 for 3 reverse, then a 1 for 13, then a 1 for 7.7. Then a 1.5 for 1 forward split. It became MFC Bancorp, which split into 3 companies, then had another reorganization, and is now KHD Humboldt and MFC Industrial. Unfortunately, with all the changes, your friend, if they still are an owner, would not own much. Best thing to do is check with MFC's current transfer agent ( See if they are listed as an owner of the stock and, if so, they can help obtain all the current assets.

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