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I found old stock certificates for 3000 shares for Teckora Mines Limited, 2000 shares of Pac Explorations Limited and 2000 shares of Minaki Gold Mines Limited.  Do they have any value?

Ken, from the information I have available:

Teckora went through numerous name changes and reverse splits and ended as Leader Capital, which went private in 2009. Shareholders received 51 cents per share. Unfortunately, due to the huge number of reverse splits, the original 3000 shares would have been all but wiped out by the time the company went private. The registered holder may have received a very small check for any residual shares at that time, if there was any shares left.

Pac Explorations is the same. They merged with Teckora in 1983.

Minaki became Societe Miniere Mimiska, which had serious financial problems and was cease traded in 1999. That cease-trade order remains in effect. No current value.  

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