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My brother in law bought 2000 shares in mining company back in Sept. 5, 1969.  He passed away and we found these stocks.  They are with the Barkley Valley Mines LTD.  They must be worth something, at least what he paid for them.  How can I find out if they are worth anything and who could I talk to about this.  I notice your answers to almost everyone is about the same.  That seems kind of strange.  Can you please help me with this matter? Thank you so much... Teresa

Teresa, from the information I have available, the shares have no value. The Company was struck from the corporate register and dissolved in 1974.

Many of my answers are the same because most of these are failed penny stocks. Penny stocks are high risk and most ultimately fail and end up worthless, so it is no surprise most of my questions are about penny stocks and most are worthless. In these cases, many of them are certificates that relatives knew were worthless and set aside or discarded and failed to destroy them or make a notation. When that person passes on or is no longer able to remember the details, they go searching for answers about a stock that was already determined to be worthless. I would place your brother-in-law's Barkley Valley shares in this category, as they have been worthless for over 40 years.

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