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I have an old stock certificate issued in 1903.. indicating the number of shares as 16, valued at $25.00 per share, all entries are hand written and hand signed and dated.. 20th of January 1903
I know that the certificate has no monetary value but, how could I find out it's antique value. The certificate is presently framed and in mint condition. It shows an Artist's conception of the original manufacturing site. The company was incorporated under the Ontario securities act and had an authorized capital of $500,000.

John, that is difficult question as old certificates only have nominal value. Usually $25-50. The only way we can determine value is to find another Wiarton certificate and see what that sold for. Since certificate collecting is very much a niche, it is often hard to determine value before it is offered for sale and see what someone is willing to pay.

I suggest you search online at some of the certificate collection sites, including scripophily or even E-Bay and see if any have been sold recently.  

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