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Hello I need to find out if these stock shares have any value.
Any help would be very grateful - thanks in advance.
Premier gold mining company limited 100 shares july 10 1930
Sunset development company 10,000 shares 1924
Beano Gold Mines limited 1939 1000 shares
Montana Headlight oil company 100 shares 1929
Rainbow Consolidated Gold mining company 1929 100 shares.

Ron, from the information I have available:

Beano has no value. It was dissolved in the 1950's.

Premier was liquidated after WWII. Shareholders received cash and shares of 4 other companies. I believe 3 of the Companies are defunct, but the 4th had at least one reverse split (1 for 3) and became Pioneer Metals, which was acquired by Barrick in 2006 for $1 per share cash. If the certificate was still valid, the money (at most $33) would have been assigned to the person named as the owner on the certificate.

I have no information on the other 3, as they are very old and predate the information I have available. I suggest you contact a broker to assist you with the research on those 3.  

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