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Whilst living in Canada in the 90's I purchased 1000 shares in both Heartland Resources Inc (Incorporated in the Province of Ontario) in 1995 and Complex Minerals 1996 through AC MacPherson @ Co Inc Toronto .

I am now living back in the UK and only recently tried to find out their worth .

I understand Complex went out of business in 2002 however Heartland became Ryland which was then acquired by Crescent Point [an existing and actively trading oil and gas company CPG on TSX.

How could I find out if I was entitled to any past dividends and if I decided to sell what would be the best way to go about this?

Your help is appreciated


Gerrard Kelly ACMA (uk)

Gerrard, what you will need to do is contact Crescent Point's transfer agent, Computershare ( They will know if you are registered as a current shareholder of Crescent Point and, if so, can have your old certificate reorganized into the new shares which will make you eligible for the dividends.

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