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Hi there, my mum and i have come up against some papers and are wondering if you might have any insight into them. They are as follows
Columbia Beneficial Holdings Ltd # 077856 20 Shares Dated Oct 2,1967
Star Booster Life Policy. One in my fathers name and the other in my mothers name. one for $10000.00 and the other for $3000.00
Brilliant Tube Sign Company (Canada) LTD. # 2 and 10 Shares Dated septermber 20, 1928.
Any help on these matters is appreciated

thank you
Heather Sylvester

Heather, from the information I have available:

Columbia Beneficial was liquidated in the early 1970's. Shareholders received a small amount of shares in a new company, which later had a large (1 for 10) reverse split and multiple name changes before being acquired for 75 cents per share cash in 1988. the registered holder, if they had any shares left, would have received a check at that time. Since there was only 20 shares to begin with, I doubt there were any left by 1988.

I have no information on Brilliant Tube, but it predates much of the information I have available, and also predates the stock market crash and Great Depression, which is not a good sign for possible value.

I have no information on the life insurance policy. You will have to consult the issuing company or, if they no longer exist, any successor. That can be difficult to track down. I suggest you try to track them through the State or Province under which the policies were issued. Look for the information within the policy documentation.  

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