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I too have found old stock certificates among my father's papers. New Marlon Gold Mines Limited, issued 1947, Vive Yellowknife Gold Mines Limited (1946), Cheskirk Mines Limited (1947) and Arentfield Mining Corporation Limited (1945).
Can you tell me some of the history and value if any?
They was a note with the Vive Yellowknife shares from Harold A. Prescott & Co.
Thank you.

Joan, from the information I have available:

New Marlon had several reverse splits and name changes before being dissolved in the early 1970's. No value.

Vive had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the late 1950's. No value.

Cheskirk had a name and reverse split before having its charter cancelled and dissolved in the 1970's. No value.

Arntfield had a name change and reverse split but was dissolved in the 1970's. No value.

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