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A family member has passed away and we have found stock certificates in his possessions.  Unfortunately the will must go into probate and we are trying to determine if these certificates have value.  The companies are:

Summit Explorations & Holdings Limited - issue date unknown
Iron Cliff Mines Limited - issued April 30, 1969

Thank you in advance for your help!

Pat, from the information I have available:

Summit had a 2 for 3 share consolidation and became Sumtra Diversified, which trades for about 1.5 cents per share. You will need to contact the current transfer agent ( to have the old shares reorganized into the new shares.

Iron Cliff had a 1 for 50 reverse split in the mid-1970's and became Gerrard Realty Corp. I have no further information. I suggest you contact a broker and ask them to perform a detailed search for you.

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