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I Have 111 shares of New York Oils Limited. (A specially limited company) Crown Trust Company, Head office  302 Bay St., Toronto 1, Canada  phone 368-3861.  The shares represented by this certificate are transferable at the offices of Crown Trust Company. Sealed with its corporate seal this May 30, 1972.  No. 15724.  Refer to file No. E65016. I can forward copy of certificate.

Would you be able to help me with these 111 shares? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dorothy, from the information I have available, the company was acquired in 1989 by Sceptre Resources on the basis of 0.053548 of a Sceptre share for every 1 share of New York. Sceptre was acquired in 1996 by Canadian Natural on the basis of 0.38 of a Canadian Natural share for each old share of Sceptre. Canadian Natural trades for about $28 a share. You will need to contact their current transfer agent ( to determine if your old certificate is valid and, if so, to have it reorganized in the new shares.

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