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My husband passed away in 2013 and I just found two share certificates in his name.  He had 500 shares in the Rosmar Corp. Ltd., purchase in 1978 and 58 shares in D'Eldona Resources Ltd. which was purchased in 1985. I was wondering if these certificates are worth anything ?

Alexa, from the information I have available:

D'Eldona did a 1 for 3 reverse and became Western D'Eldona, which was acquired by Paramount Resources in 1992 for $3.25 cash per share. Your husband should have received a check for his remaining shares at that time.

Rosmar was a brokerage firm in Toronto around that time, so the Certificate should not be of Rosmar but some other Company. I suggest you check the certificate and see if there is a company name on the front or back.  

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