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Over the years I have been contacted by a agent representing Cyberspeed Inc. offering shares and promising they would increase in value.  Price started at about $1.00 and over the years the price kept dropping and always asked for more money and there was a good future in the co.  They always wanted large sums of money. They were very convincing  I was not too experienced at trading at that time and would trust that they would appreciate in value. Since then, I haven't heard much from them and was wondering if these treasury shares I have, have any real value.  Address of co. in 2008 was 133 Richmond t. W, Suite 605, Toronto, On, M%H 2L3 and toll free number was  

Scott, I don't know the company and I cannot find any reference to their existence, but what you describe is almost certainly a fraud. Lots of red flags in that scenario. You need to contact the Ontario Securities Commission immediately.

Hopefully they can provide you with some assistance and guidance.

Good luck.

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