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Hi - I was cleaning up my file cabinet and came across a certificate for stocks in Regent Resources Ltd.   From my research I found a company by that name in Alberta, but my certificate is from an Ontario company.  It was for 300 shares.  Can you give me any information on this company and/or the stocks.  Thank you.

Marian, from the information I have available, Regent became Paladin Petroleum on the basis of 1.25 for 1. Paladin later went through several name changes and acquisitions. It had a 1 for 2 reverse split, then was acquired by Northrock on the basis of .19 Northrock for each 1 old share. Northrock was acquired in 2000 by Unocal for $10.10 cash per share.

The person named on the certificate should have received a check for the full amount in 2000. If not, it would have been turned over to the government for safekeeping in their name until they could claim it. They can search online in many States and Provinces for free at and  

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