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Canadian Stocks/Laredo Petroleums Ltd (N.P.L.)


Laredo Petroleum Ltd
Laredo Petroleum Ltd  
Laredo Petroleums Ltd (N.P.L.) incorporated in British Columbia 1981
250 non assessable shares purchased in 1982
Hampton Securities Edmonton Alberta was the registered owner of the Shares
Transfer Agent and Registrar...Guaranty Trust Company of Canada

Not much of a trail left behind from any of the above mentioned Companies.
Can you help please?

David, from the information I have available, the company had several name changes and mergers. Shareholders received 0.41425 of a share for each old share in the first; .994 of a new share for 1 old in the second; and finally 11 cents per share cash in the third and final acquisition in 2001. The registered shareholder would have received the money at that time.

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