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Hello Steven,

We are contacted periodically by people holding old share certificates. You seem to have a lot of information on these things. Would it be okay in the future for me to refer these people to you?

Currently I am working with a person who has certificates from United Cobalt Mines Limited and Nerlip Mines, Limited.

Thanks in advance.


Mike, from the information I have available:

United Cobalt sold its assets and received shares of a new company, which may or may not have been distributed to shareholders. That new company was later acquired by Guyana Goldfields on the basis of 1 Guyana share for every 3.25 old shares. Guyana is still around. I suggest contacting Guyana's current transfer agent ( and see if they old certificate is valid and was ever reorganized into Guyana shares.

I have no information on the ultimate fate of Nerlip Mines. I believe it disappeared sometime in the mid-1970's. I suggest you contact the Province of Incorporation and see what information they have available.

If you have people holding old certificates, I will see what information I have available.  

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