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I have a stock certificate for 100 shares of Freehold Oil Corporation Limited that I bought as a kid.   It was never transferred to my name but is properly endorsed by the previous owners attorney.  Does it have any value, and, if so, how does one claim it?

John, from the information I have available, the Company went through numerous name changes and reorganizations, and at least one reverse split (1 for 20) although I believe there was a second reverse split in there as well. It eventually became Ulster Petroleum, which was acquired for $11 per share cash and a fraction of a share of Anderson Energy. Unfortunately, there are two issues in play. The first is that I believe it likely the reverse splits wiped out the original 100 shares. The second is that even if they did not, the fact that you never transferred the certificate means the original registered holder would have received any cash and shares issued in the mergers. The transfer agent does not know you exist, so they would have issued them to the person they have on the ownership rolls, which was the previous owner.

You can investigate the issue further with Anderson's transfer agent, Valiant Trust (

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