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Canadian Stocks/Stocks - Plateau Petroleums Limited & Trans-Leduc Oils Limited


I was asked to research some stock certificates to determine if they hold any value:

Plateau Petroleums Limited - 400 shares
Trans-Leduc Oils Limited  - 250 shares

Thank-you for your assistance.

Melanie, from the information I have available:

Plateau is very old, but I see they made the US Securities and Exchange Commission's Canadian restricted list in 1951. That SEC list is for Canadian issuers illegally selling their stock in the US to US citizens without having filed a registration statement with the SEC. That is a very bad sign, and real and honest companies don't break the law and first register their shares with the SEC before contacting and selling their shares to American citizens. I don't know what ultimately happened to Plateau, but I have never seen any company that made the SEC's restricted list ever succeed long-term. Most of the companies on the list were not real companies with real business operations, and disappeared with the money quickly after selling inflated stock to unsuspecting investors.

Trans-Leduc has no current value. The Company was struck from the corporate register and dissolved in the mid-1960's.

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