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QUESTION: I was going through my Fathers estate and found the following certificates.Do they have any value now

20 shares   Sladen (Quebec) Limited (Quebec Mining Companies Act)
100 shares   Barnat Mines Ltd

 These were received on the wind up of Sladen -Malartic Mines Limited (Ontario Companies Act)

200 shares Rubec Mines Limited (Companies Act Canada)

125 shares Maralyn Mines Limited (Ontario Companies Act)

75 shares  Norbaska Mines Limited (formerly  Baska Uranium Mines
         Limited )    -Province of Saskatchewan

9   shares  Asbestos Corporation Limited   (Companies Act Canada)

Thank you   

Robert Shortly

ANSWER: Robert, from the information I have available:

Sladen has no value. The Company had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the mid-1970's.

Barnat had a 1 for 5 reverse split, then merged into LAC on the basis of 2.871 new shares for each old share. LAC was acquired by Barrick in 1994 on the basis of 0.487 Barrick shares for each LAC share. You will need to contact Barrick's current transfer agent ( regarding the old shares.

I have no information on Rubec Mines, except there are numerous Rubec certificates for sale on the internet, which suggests no value.

I have no information on Maralyn Mines.

Norbaska had two reverse splits (1 for 3.5 and 1 for 25) and became The Griffin Corporation, wih went private In 2008 for 8 cents per share. Based on the reverse splits, it is unlikely your father had any shares remaining before the going private transaction.

Asbestos Corporation is still trading. The stock trades for about 18 cents per share. Their current transfer agent is Computershare (

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I also found the following share certificate

Muskoka Lakes Golf & Country Club ,Limited

Certificate #  542   Shares  one

Authorized Capital    $250,000  Divided into 2,500 shares of $100 each

Incorporated under the Ontario Companies Act

Dated July 6 1956

Robert, I have no information on Muskoka Lakes Golf, as it was almost certainly never publicly traded. Since the authorized capital was just 2,500 shares, chances are it was originally of the original distribution of shares to establish the club back in the 20's. Ownership of a share may have been a requirement to become a club member, which would explain just the single share with a 1956 date. I believe the club is still in existence. I suggest you contact them directly about the certificate as they may also be able to provide some interesting information about the history and perhaps even some about your family and if they were once members.

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