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I recently found a document from my late father

It is 2000 shares  Mirado Nickle Mines. Certificate no 2607.     February 26 1964

Could you please check to see if it is active and worth anything

Could you also check

250 shares  Vetina Energy Resourses Ltd. certificate no 1342  August 19 1980

I would appreciate your help

Thank you


Manny, from the information I have available:

Mirado had two mergers and is now Jubilee Gold Exploration, which trades for about 50 cents per share. Based on the exchange ratios of the mergers, the original 2000 shares would be about 850 shares of Jubilee. You will need to contact the current transfer agent ( to determine if the old shares are valid and, if so, to have them exchanged for the new shares.

Ventina had several name changes and two reverse splits (1 for 2 and 1 for 5) and became Telescan Industries, which was cease-traded in 1989. That order remains in effect. No current value.

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