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I was given some old Canadian stock certificates that were part of my grandfathers estate going back to the 1930's.  There are three companies that I am trying to find and then figure out what if anything can be done with these.  If they have any value ( I am doubtful ), any proceeds will just be donated to charity .

1.  Murmac Lake Athabaskan Mines Ltd.

2.  Bahamas-Caribbean Development Corporation Ltd.

3.  Silver Butte Mines Ltd.

Thanks for your help.

David, from the information I have available:

Murmac Lake has no current value. The Company had its charter cancelled and was dissolved in the mid-1970's.

Bahamas-Carribean had a 1 for 20 reverse split and became Oceanus Industries, which was taken private in the early 1980's when common shareholders were paid $5.15 cash per share. Common shareholders should have received a check for their shares at that time.

Silver Butte has had several name changes and at least two reverse splits (1 for 3 and 1 for 4) and is now Naikun Wind Energy Group, which trades for about 13 cents per share. You will need to contact the current transfer agent ( to determine if the old certificate is valid and, if so, to have it reorganized so it can be sold.  

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