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I have 67 shares of Bison Petroleum & Minerals LTD. I know fron proxy voting and dividend checks it has changed names and stocks have split up and down. I lost track of current situation. How do I get curent stocks cert. ? And get updated with Company.
Thank you James
Stocks re-issued 3/17/1966
Cert # 12650

James, the history of Bison is very complicated. Today, the shares are split into three separate public companies, with one traded on the NYSE, one in Germany, and one in Austria. The problem is that before they divided into three, they took out all the odd-lot (i.e, less than 100 share) shareholders. If you had only 67 shares, that should have been you and you should have received a check for your shares in 1987 or so. I suggest you contact the transfer agent for the NYSE traded company, MFC Industrial ( They should be able to help you contact the current transfer agent(s) and determine if your old shares are still valid and, if so, to have them reorganized into the new shares.  

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