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I have an old share certificate from Realm Resources Inc. it changed to Direct Equity Corp then to Envirothermic Technologies Inc, then to Enviromnental Reclamation Inc, then bought out by Thermafreeze Inc in Feb 2001.  Are these shares worth anything?

Gwen, from the information I have available, I can confirm the changes from Realm to Direct Equity to Envirothermic to Environmental Reclamation, as well as at least 2 reverse splits (1 for 2 and 1 for 35), but I have no information on any buy-out by Thermafreeze in 2001. Instead, I see Thermafreeze acquired a 51% interest in the company by doing a share exchange with the non-Canadian shareholders. The remaining shares continued to trade in Canada until 2002, when it was delisted and cease-traded for their failure to file financial statements. Those cease-trade orders remain in effect, which means no current value. Thermafreeze also didn't make it, as they went bankrupt in 2004 and the common stock was revoked by the SEC in 2008 and is worthless.

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