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Good morning;

I have been going through old paperwork and found shares that were purchased for me when I was a minor.  I have attempted to trace them but I feel I have hit a dead end.  The shares are for BRL enterprises Inc, and the transfer agent was the Royal Trust Company.

Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Thank You

Kelsey, from the information I have available, BRL was acquired in 1998 for $6.75 per share cash. The registered holder is sent a check for their shares at the time of the acquisition. However, your situation may be different than the usual, as the shares were acquired for you as a minor which means there would likely be an adult and/or trustee listed on the certificate, as minors cannot own shares on their own.

Chances are, they were listed as the owner and received the check. If not the money would have been turned over to the government for safekeeping. You would need to search the missing property offices of every State or Province (in the US or Canada) in which you lived at that time. You can search many of those online for free at and I am not sure what the office is for the UK, but you would need to search online for any possible custodial office for such funds.

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