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Hi Steven.  
Thanx for your help to many.  Trying to deal with Momís and previously deceased brotherís estates, and possible previous financial entanglements.

Have recently found a stock certificate showing;
-certification that Pitfield Mackay Ross Limited is the registered holder of 700 common shares of OPI LTD., (incorporated under the laws of province of Alberta);
-is dated M_arch 3_0, 19_83, countersigned and registered to GUARANTY TRUST CO. OF CANADA, (Transfer agent and registrar ) ;
-the C-U_S-I_P IS 6-7_0-8_9-0  1_0-  2  .

There are other numbers on the certificate starting with C_B ----- .

Can you please advise me if;
1)   OPI LTD. Still exists;
2)   PITFIELD ET AL still exists;
3) Guaranty trust Co. of Canada still exists .
Any leads you can give me as to whether this is wallpaper, whose name the account is in, or worth pursuing is appreciated. Thanks.

Bob, from the information I have available, OPI is defunct. The company had a name change to Oil Patch Group, but went into receivership in 1988 and was delisted. No value.

Pitfield MacKay is long gone. I merged into other brokers and bankers a long time ago.

Guaranty Trust is long gone as well.

Since the stock in question has no value, I believe you can write it off and use it as wall paper if you like.

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