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QUESTION: In cleaning out my mother in laws house when they moved I came across 100 shares capital stock of the above dated 4/16/56.  Do they havve any value?

ANSWER: Tommy, from the information I have available, Briland had quite a history of lawsuits. Canada charged several individuals in the 1950's of taking control of the stock without payment, and further lawsuits flew in the 1960's before the stock was delisted in the early 1970's and seems to have disappeared. Since there are numerous certificates for sale to collectors on the internet, it does not appear to have any current value, but you could consult with a broker and see if they can provide any additional information.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your previous answer on Brilund Mining.  I came across 100 shares of Rare Earth Mining above dated 5/16/55 ($1 capital stock).  Do these have any value?  Thanks

Tommy, from the information I have available, Rare Earth went through numerous name changes and mergers, as well as reverse splits (1 for 4, 1 for 5, and 1 for 14.9). Those reverse splits would have essentially wiped out the original 100 shares. The Company became Health & Environment Technologies in the late 1980's. I have no additional information on what ultimately happened after the name change.

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